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The Eddie Kamae Songbook:

A Musical Journey

HLF Films Montage.png

Our 10 award-winning documentary films released from 1988-2011

HLF Study Guides Montage.png

Study guides to go along with some of our documentaries

Eddie's book

Hawaiian Son: The Life and Music of Eddie Kamae

Uluulu HLF Collection.png

Digitized raw footage production materials from our documentaries

HCH Lahaina Main.png

207 digitized raw footage production materials from Lahaina: Waves of Change. Project supported by Hawaiʻi Council for the Humanities.

Uluulu Theme HLF Music.png
Uluulu Theme Listen to the Forest.png

ʻUluʻulu special themes of our raw footage

HCH Lahaina Eddie Myrna Kamae.png
HCH Lahaina Mama Hale.png
HCH Lahaina Sam Kaai.png
HCH Paia Sugar Mill.png

Examples of tapes digitized

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