Eddie Kamae Sons of Hawaiʻi

Eddie Kamae Sons of Hawaiʻi


These twelve songs have been gathered to accompany the publication of the book HAWAIIAN SON: The Life and Music of Eddie Kamae. Selected from classic albums recorded by The Sons of Hawai‘i, they represent the music that has shaped Eddie's fifty-year career as singer, composer, arranger, band leader, and ‘ukulele virtuoso. several, for example, were composed by Queen Liliuokalani, who first inspired him. Ke Ala a Ka Jeep was written with his influential teacher, Mary Kawena Pukui, after a historic pilgrimage to the Big Island's South Point in 1969. Wapi‘o Valley Song was written with his spiritual father, Sam Li‘a Kalainaina, to commemorate a visit to Sam's birthplace in 1969, a trip that would take Eddie to the source of Hawaiian music.

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